Russia - postage rates

Date of information: 02.11.97

Source of information: inofficial

Inland mail (given are the rates for moscow)

Please note that according to new guidelines from the russian ministery of posts and communications, it is now possible for local postmaster to establish local rates for inland businessmail.

weightletter (private and authorities) letter (business)
postcard650 Rur1000 Rur
0 - 20 g950 Rur1700 Rur
priority+ 150 Rus+250 Rur
registed + 350 Rur+700-800 Rur

International services to Europe

weightletter (surface) letter (air mail)
postcard2000 Rur2500 Rur
0 - 20 g3000 Rur3500 Rur
20 - 100 g7800 Rur9400 Rur
100 - 250 g15700 Rur 20400 Rur
250 - 500 g30200 Rur 40200 Rur
registered+4500 Rur +4500 Rur

Reduced rates apply for mail to CIS countries